Meet The Team

Heike Berger

Registered Midwife, Associate
I love working as a midwife and am passionate about empowering health care.  I completed the Midwifery Education Program through Laurentian University in 2010, and have been working as a midwife since.  More recently, I had the great privilege of working in Northern communities across Nunavut, Northern Québec and NWT.  Along the path to midwifery, I completed a degree in Nutritional Sciences, worked in population health for the Public Health Agency of Canada, volunteered at a birth centre in Guatemala and as a doula in Edmonton.  Our home is in Grey County and when not working you’ll likely find me outside hiking, skiing or gardening!

Whitney Bonnett

Registered Midwife, Associate
I'm originally from Kincardine and being able to practice in my home community is very exciting. I graduated from McMaster University's Midwifery Education Program and joined Midwives Grey Bruce shortly after in September 2008. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with pregnancy and birth. I feel honoured to be included in the experiences of women and their families. I appreciate the chance to be a part of such a special time in your lives and look forward to meeting you. 

Anna Jean Bradley

Registered Midwife, Associate
My name is Anna Jean and I am well into her 4th decade as a practicing midwife. After many years as a community midwife, in 1993 I graduated from the program at the Michener Institute of Medical Technology and became one of the inaugural group of registered midwives in Ontario.  I have caught babies from Jamaica to the Arctic, and am very happy to be working once again in my home community of Grey Bruce. I also provides classes and workshops as an Holistic Health Educator and am the proud Momma of 3 grown children and lucky Nanna of 4 grandchildren (so far!).

Barb Bryja

Registered Midwife, Partner
My commitment to midwifery follows my belief in respect, informed choice and continuity of care. I graduated from McMaster University's Midwifery Education Program in 2003 and I have enjoyed practicing as a midwife here since this time. I am committed to community based collaborative care that nurtures optimal health and wellness at home and abroad. I am passionate about providing midwifery care and look forward to working together towards achieving empowering pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences.

Jane Calhoun

Registered Midwife, Partner
I was born & raised in Bruce County and am happy to be working with Midwives Grey Bruce, and the families of the surrounding communities.  Before entering the Midwifery Education Program I studied at The University of Guelph, where I obtained an Honours degree in Human Kinetics.  It was during this training that I was first introduced to the profession of Midwifery and the philosophies of it's care.  I graduated from the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster in 2008.  I have been working with Midwives Grey Bruce since I graduated from the program.  I have also benefited first hand from the exceptional services of our practice, as I am the mom of three young children.

Brianna Cavan

Registered Midwife, Associate
I first joined Midwives Grey Bruce as a student in my final year of training. After graduation, I re-joined the group as a Registered Midwife. It gives me great joy to work with women and their families at such a meaningful time in their lives. My training included placements with midwives in Cameroon and in Bolivia, and I hope to continue to work internationally. Je suis bilingue, et je suis toujours ravie quand j’ai l’opportunité de parler en français au travail! When I’m not working, you’ll find me out for a run, swimming in the bay, or planning a new travel adventure.  

Angela Freeman

Registered Midwife, Associate
I have been providing care with Midwives Grey Bruce since 2006, and feel I have found home in Grey- Bruce Counties.  My interest in midwifery sprang out of my undergraduate degree in Biology and International Development, where the art and science of women’s healthcare converged.  Prior to graduating from the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University, I organized several women’s health workshops in Halifax and K-W.  I have a particular passion for pre-conception health, herbal medicine, and fertility awareness.  When I am not catching babies, I love to garden, paddle, and hike the Bruce Trail with my partner and two sons.  I am grateful to be providing midwifery care to such a diverse and wonderful clientele.  

Heather Keffer

Registered Midwife, Partner
I have been interested and involved in childbirth and breastfeeding since 1978. In 1993, I was among the first midwives to be registered in Ontario. I am a preceptor for the Midwifery Education Program and Head Midwife at South Bruce Grey Health Centre in Walkerton. I teach the Neonatal Resuscitation Program for Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario and have also worked as a member of the Benefits Program for the Association of Ontario Midwives. I live in a little house in the woods with my family. We share our surroundings with some chickens, cats and dogs, wild turkeys, porcupines, toads and other wildlife. My hobbies include herbal medicine, knitting, and casual gardening.

Michelle Kryzanauskas

Registered Midwife, Partner
My interest in midwifery began in 1978. In 1983, I began attending births as a labour support person and worked on a self-directed health science education plan. During this period, I continued to attend births in an increasing role of responsibility. In 1985, I became a supervised practicing midwife. I have practiced as a primary care giver since 1986. In 1988, I successfully completed a preceptorship with the Midwives Collective of Toronto and an internship at a licensed birth centre in El Paso, Texas and successfully completed the Pre-Registration Program for Midwifery in Ontario at the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences a few years later. On January 1, 1994 I became one of the first of 60 midwives to be registered to practice in Ontario with the College of Midwives of Ontario.

Emily Martel

Registered Midwife, Partner
My first encounter with midwifery came when my mother had a midwife for the home birth of my younger brother. It wasn't until years later that I realized I wanted to be a midwife and provide women with care through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Prior to attending the Midwifery Education Program at Laurentian University, I studied art history and sociology at the University of Guelph. In my spare time I love cooking and visiting the many great beaches in Grey Bruce County. I feel privileged to be involved in your care and look forward to being a part of this special experience for you and your family.

Rebecca Moore

Registered Midwife, Associate
I began my journey to midwifery in 2009 when I attended midwifery school in Maine, USA. Over the next few years I attended births in Maine and Arizona, and participated in a month long placement in Sri Lanka. After returning to Canada in 2015, I completed the bridging program and has been practicing in Ontario ever since! I gave birth to my daughter at home with the assistance of Grey Bruce Midwives. It was such an amazing experience and I continue to feel honoured to join in the journey of welcoming new little ones earth side. I am excited to be back in Grey Bruce and serve the community where I was born and raised!

Janessa Reid

Administrative Assistant
I was born and raised in Grey County and love what our local attractions have to offer. I love being organized, helping others and enjoy trying to make everyone’s day a bit better. A smile goes a long way! I am very happy to be a part of Midwives Grey Bruce. I am so honored to join you and your families during this time of your lives. My interests include reading, baking, hiking, kayaking and being outdoors enjoying nature.


Kelsey Starr

Having graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honours Specialization in Communications and a Minor in Philosophy, I am thrilled to be part of Midwives Grey Bruce. As someone who is passionate about women’s health and reproductive rights, it is an honour to be a part of a very unique time in the lives of women and families in the community where I was born and raised. When I'm not around the office I can be found working on some art, adventuring around local trails and parks, or just relaxing with good company.